Monday, 18 February 2013

writing progress 18/02/2013

It’s Monday, it’s time for a progress update.

I have the feeling I have been a bit slack the last week but this maybe because I have been planning things.

My plan really should be to get Uncle Ben’s story Download plan to a finished state so I can then work on writing, instead I have seemed to have spent a lot of time planning my Hoskanavian detective story. 

It’s interesting because I keep adding little bits of plot and dialogue and bits of information and it’s gradually layering up and forming a plot involving all the characters.

I have also never really developed a character but by creating a character sketch and filling in lots of details they are beginning to become individual characters.

This week I plan to do one character description of my detective novel a day and will have them all done by the end of the week.

I have to say I’m glad I have done this in the planning stage because I keep making drastic changes at the moment, as I brainstorm and think about plot and character in more detail.

I will also clarify the plot and its points for the Uncle Ben story, I think I have most of the points but need to confirm them and make sure they all make sense.  This Uncle Ben story is more complex than the previous stories I have written, which is good and if nothing else I am making progress in my way of thinking and planning the stories.

If I have time I would also like to edit the very short Uncle Ben story about the Woolly Mammoth

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