Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Progress is slow but it's still progress

Progress is slow but as I am writing tonight that will be 6 days out of the last 7 I have sat in the kitchen and written some more of my Uncle Ben story.

I have written 500 words a day.

Amusing even though I have a distraction free writing tool (Writemonkey) I have two screens.

I have to improve my concentration because it has been taking me about 2 hours to write 500 words which is crazy.

I'm not sure how long the actual writing takes but I keep nipping off to surf the web or do other things I shouldn't be doing.

Yesterday I was looking at Kindle shorts finding it amazing people would pay 99 pence for a 24 page short.

I have also subscribed to some writing blogs to read in Pulse.  So once again more reading about writing than actually writing.

I have been sitting here for the 30 minutes and have written 70 words!!!!

Right that's it I'm off to to do another 430 words hopefully at a quicker rate than 140 words per hour.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Current progress

I am currently writing the the story of Uncle Ben and the day it rained frog.

This was a story I told my nephew and niece a long time ago.

I did write some of this story last year and for some reason it seems to have grown and is bigger than I originally intended but I am getting towards the end,  I have 3 scenes/chapters to go.

Hopefully I will finish the first draft in the next few days and I will leave it for a bit

I have a rough draft I wrote for Uncle Ben and the last Woolly Mammoth which I will edit and maybe even get the wife to edit (she said she would but I sent it to her in November 2012 and have heard nothing since then!).  It's pretty small, something like 6 pages so I will get on with that.

After that I have the introduction to the Uncle Ben Stories which I had a very rough go at doing a while back but still it's always easier when you have something to start with.

Then once I finish all the above I want to get on and transcribe the Uncle Ben story and the Egg.

So there is lots to do and I need to pull my finger out.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

500 words a day

To help motivate myself into doing more writing I thought I would set myself a daily word count target so I could hopefully get into a habit of writing more.

I am setting myself a target of 500 words a day but this might be a bit too ambitious and I may need to round this down to 300 hundreds.  I hoping the act of monitoring and logging down my daily words written will also help with the motivation

The theory sounds good but I will have to see how it goes in practise

when I told my wife of my daily word goal, she gave me a look which said she wasn't convinced about this.

This website

has a great link to a word counter, which is free

Friday, 25 January 2013

2013 - The year of Uncle Ben stories

I have had the rough ideas for Uncle Ben stories sitting around on my computer and  in my head for 3-4 years and this year I have decided I want to write them all down.  This will allow me to torture my own children and any others within vocal range with these stories over and over again, possibly as a form of punishment, depending on how bad they are :-)

The Uncle Ben stories came from me telling my nephew and niece about the amazing adventures I got up to.

Currently the only Uncle Ben story I have out in the wild is the Uncle Ben and the Egg and this is a spoken youtube clip.

So why am I blogging about this well like all good new years resolutions or things you want to achieve one good way to motivate yourself is to tell other people about it, this will hopefully inspire/shame/motivate me to actually do it.

So if you read this blog please feel free to pressure, enquire and pester me to get a bloody move on and write the 

I thought I would blog about it to motivate myself and write down my progress (when I should be writing the Uncle Ben story)

I will also need some good souls to help me proof read the stories (don't worry they are not very long).

My hope is they will get better as the year goes on but only time will tell.