Sunday, 27 January 2013

Current progress

I am currently writing the the story of Uncle Ben and the day it rained frog.

This was a story I told my nephew and niece a long time ago.

I did write some of this story last year and for some reason it seems to have grown and is bigger than I originally intended but I am getting towards the end,  I have 3 scenes/chapters to go.

Hopefully I will finish the first draft in the next few days and I will leave it for a bit

I have a rough draft I wrote for Uncle Ben and the last Woolly Mammoth which I will edit and maybe even get the wife to edit (she said she would but I sent it to her in November 2012 and have heard nothing since then!).  It's pretty small, something like 6 pages so I will get on with that.

After that I have the introduction to the Uncle Ben Stories which I had a very rough go at doing a while back but still it's always easier when you have something to start with.

Then once I finish all the above I want to get on and transcribe the Uncle Ben story and the Egg.

So there is lots to do and I need to pull my finger out.

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