Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Progress is slow but it's still progress

Progress is slow but as I am writing tonight that will be 6 days out of the last 7 I have sat in the kitchen and written some more of my Uncle Ben story.

I have written 500 words a day.

Amusing even though I have a distraction free writing tool (Writemonkey) I have two screens.

I have to improve my concentration because it has been taking me about 2 hours to write 500 words which is crazy.

I'm not sure how long the actual writing takes but I keep nipping off to surf the web or do other things I shouldn't be doing.

Yesterday I was looking at Kindle shorts finding it amazing people would pay 99 pence for a 24 page short.

I have also subscribed to some writing blogs to read in Pulse.  So once again more reading about writing than actually writing.

I have been sitting here for the 30 minutes and have written 70 words!!!!

Right that's it I'm off to to do another 430 words hopefully at a quicker rate than 140 words per hour.

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