Friday, 25 January 2013

2013 - The year of Uncle Ben stories

I have had the rough ideas for Uncle Ben stories sitting around on my computer and  in my head for 3-4 years and this year I have decided I want to write them all down.  This will allow me to torture my own children and any others within vocal range with these stories over and over again, possibly as a form of punishment, depending on how bad they are :-)

The Uncle Ben stories came from me telling my nephew and niece about the amazing adventures I got up to.

Currently the only Uncle Ben story I have out in the wild is the Uncle Ben and the Egg and this is a spoken youtube clip.

So why am I blogging about this well like all good new years resolutions or things you want to achieve one good way to motivate yourself is to tell other people about it, this will hopefully inspire/shame/motivate me to actually do it.

So if you read this blog please feel free to pressure, enquire and pester me to get a bloody move on and write the 

I thought I would blog about it to motivate myself and write down my progress (when I should be writing the Uncle Ben story)

I will also need some good souls to help me proof read the stories (don't worry they are not very long).

My hope is they will get better as the year goes on but only time will tell.

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