Thursday, 14 February 2013

I love it when a plan comes together

Well I haven’t done much writing for the last few days but don’t worry people that’s because I am doing some planning.

I purchased the book first draft in 30 days and am using it to work through my planning my next story.

I am actually planning two stories, this probably isn’t a good idea because I almost tend to focus on one story one day and then the other story the next where I think it would probably be preferable to focus and immerse myself in just one

At the moment I am creating the characters and character settings, although I have also made quite a few notes on plots etc.

It’s interesting and hopefully by giving my characters more depth, motivations, history then I will create better characters.

With the non-Uncle Ben’s story I am planning, I think it certainly helps to create an outline because now when I make changes I don’t have to go back and adjust anything I have written but change the outline.

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