Sunday, 10 February 2013

Finally I have finished writing the Uncle Ben story - raining frogs

At last I have finally done it, I have finished writing the Uncle Ben story - raining frogs.

Well I say finished but all I have done, is finish the first messy draft of the story but lets not put a dampener on things, this is progress.

The very short story has grown into over 20000 words, which makes it a sizeable piece of work for me.  Considering its only the second story I have actually written down it's my biggest work to date.

It's been sitting half written for well over 2 to 3 years and I have at least now written the first draft.

I will now park put this away for a while before returning to edit it with fresh eyes, although I did just read some of it just now and it's quite entertaining and better than I remember but I will admit I have a biased opinion.  The writing seems ok but the plot and characters need improving and hopefully this will get better in my next story.

So excitedly I can now focus on something different and new.

I am trying the technique in the book - First Draft in 30 day for my next Uncle Ben story, which has the title Download (at the moment). I am still brain storming this but I have specified the main characters and started writing a bit about each of them.

I also have a rough outline of the story but I will see what the book suggests when I convert this into plot etc.

I also have to edit the rough draft of the woolly mammoth story which I think I left in a very very rough format.  This will be interesting because once I edit this then I can send it some people to give me some constructive criticism and maybe post it on some forums to get some feedback.

I also have the Introduction to write and to transcribe the Uncle Ben and the egg story, so I still have lots of tasks to do but I can at least cross one of them off the list.

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